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Episode 193. What Would I Say To the Leaders Meeting at COP26?

Global Youth Respond

Dear leaders at COP26, be on the right side of history.

As pivotal UN climate talks begin at the COP26 summit in Glasgow on October 31st, we here at Eaarth Feels felt it was important to hear from those whose voices are not often heard, but who will be living with the impacts of a less stable climate. In today’s episode, six youth from around the world, including from those countries most impacted by climate destabilization already, send a message to the leaders meeting in Glasgow.


Rose Kobusinge is a climate justice activist from Uganda. She was a delegate to PreCOP26 Youth4Climate summit in Milan. She can be found on Twitter: @KobusingeRose1 .

Khalid Mohammed is a young climate leader & was a delegate for Ethiopia to PreCOP26 in Milan Italy. He is a programmer and artist with the aim to mobilize youth for climate action. You can find Khalid on Twitter: @khalidopia

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Azeez Abubakar was born in Nigeria and is trained as a civil engineer. He is passionate about climate action and climate justice. He hosts The Earth Podcast, and you can find him on Twitter (@azeezt_abubakar) and on LinkedIn.

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Zainab Waheed (Uswa E Zainab) is a 16 year old climate activist from Pakistan. You can find her on Twitter: @UswaeZainab3

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Yann Gager was born in France at 350.4 ppm of carbon dioxide. He is a biologist with a special interest in climate change and bats. You can find him at Twitter (@Bat_Yann) and on his website,

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Zanagee Artis is an American climate justice activist is “working to share knowledge about the intersections between climate change and systems of oppression pervasive in society today.” He co-founded the youth-led climate activist group Zero Hour in 2017. Zanagee co-hosts 1Point5: A kids podcast about climate justice, and has co-authored a book entitled “The Kids Book About Climate Change“. Twitter: @ZanageeArtis

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Fossil Fuel Subsidies:

Good News:

Action Step:

Reach out via social media to the young people that contributed to today’s podcast and thank them for their passion and commitment to a climate justice.

Bonus action step: support these young people’s vision of a livable future for all by reaching out to an elected official and letting them know you are concerned about climate change, and want action taken.