Dear Mr Dimon,

I am enclosing the pieces of my Chase credit card, as a climate-concerned person I can no longer countenance any of my money going towards a financial institution that continues to fund fossil fuel projects that science tells us are destroying the planet for future generations. I am cancelling my account with you, and am telling my friends and family about my decision to dissociate from Chase, and am encouraging them to do the same. I am also sharing my decision on social media.
IPCC science is clear that the currently operating coal, oil, and gas reserves alone will push our world beyond the 1.5 °C. tipping point. To initiate new reserves and operations is clearly to value short-term profit over life on earth. As our climate emergency worsens, we can expect:
•Sea level rises that destroy coastline infrastructures
•Political unrest and destabilization
•Unimaginable fires, heatwaves, floods, drought and hurricanes
•New and less predictable diseases
•Large scale migration and displacement
•Water wars and terrorism
•Food insecurity and expanded poverty
•Mass extinctions of plants and animals
Mr. Dimon, I don’t want green-washing. Going “carbon neutral” in Chase Bank’s internal operations, or pledging money to new renewable infrastructure will be fast offset if the bank remains a massive carbon emissions enabler. We all have a part to play in solving this terrible problem. Chase must stop funding fossil fuels.

As the world’s largest funder of the fossil fuel industry, JPMorgan Chase is not only complicit in the climate crisis, but culpable. You have the power to align Chase’s business model with the reality of climate change. As negative climate impacts continue to grow, rest assured that pubic awareness of your bank’s role in the climate disaster unfolding will also increase.

I look forward to hearing a response.

Yours sincerely,