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Episode 200. Post COP26: What Has to Happen For Us to Take Action on the Climate Crisis?

The not-very-ambitious agreement to come out of COP26 has left many climate-concerned people around the world discouraged and angry. Rose and Christine discuss what happened in Glasgow this month, as well as the recent extreme flooding in British Columbia that has cut off the West Coast of Canada from the rest of the country.

Mentioned in this episode:



  • Your voice is your superpower – use it to let your elected officials know that you want them to take action on climate change.
  • Be thoughtful of the gifts you buy during the holiday season, and consider their impact on the planet.


  • Are there ways that you can connect more deeply with your local community? As the climate emergency deepens, we will come to depend more and more on the people in our neighborhood. But even more important is the mental health benefits of feeling part of a community.