Everything I learned, I learned from the movies.
~ Audrey Hepburn

Nothing can hold our attention as easily as a well told visual story , making it easy to entertain and educate at the same time: A visual  is a MUST for all us finicky learners. Below are the most engaging films and videos that we have come across on the subject of climate change.

What are you watching tonight?   If you have a favorite you think should be included here, please email us at eaarthfeels@gmail.com.

Visualizing a healthy planet,

Christine and Rose

Bottled Life  Journey into the world of bottled water.  Reveals the schemes and strategies of Nestle’s, the most powerful food and beverage company on our planet.

Cowspiracy  Animal agriculture’s effect on our environment

Earthlings Not for the squeamish. An inside look at our meat production system. You may be inclined to go vegan after watching.

An Inconvenient Truth  Al Gore’s first film exposing the truth of climate reality

From Paris to Pittsburgh   Celebrates how Americans are demanding and developing real solutions in the face of climate change. As the weather grows more deadly and destructive, they aren’t waiting on Washington to act.

Planet Earth  David Attenborough narrates this documentary depicting ecosystems that are dramatically changing by human behavior.


The Sunrise Storyteller A 16 year old takes a year off high school and travels for six months to document real life stories of the human spirit to triumph over adversity. A documentary about what it means to be a global citizen.

United States of Climate Change   Climate change and its current effects told state by state, courtesy of the Weather Channel

Waste Land  World renowned artist Vik Munizone creates art out of recyclables from of the largest garbage dumps in the world outside Rio de Janeiro, for the benefit of the thousands of workers of the landfill. Uplifting !