Epsiode 78: BEST IN CLIMATE: Kate Olson: Dis-ease

Illustration by Sonali Zohra.

Episode 78: BEST IN CLIMATE: Kate Olson: Dis-ease. Documenting change and nurturing young life in a climate-uncertain world.

The effects of climate change can be seen in our daily lives. Kate Olsen documents living the change through the eyes of fishers, farmers and foresters from Freeport, Maine.

*read with author’s permission*

Person of Note:  Kate Olson                                                                                                        A writer, scholar and activist who lives in Freeport, Maine,  Kate is a PhD Candidate at Boston College and holds an MA in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning from Tufts University.  She works at the intersection of sociology, environmental studies, and the digital humanities. Her research and writing explore the political economy of dam development, food systems sustainability, and theorizations of place, culture, and economy in a changing climate.

Kate’s blog: Livingchange.blog   Notes on climate change through the eyes of fishers, farmers, and foresters in Maine

Media: Earth Island Journal Quarterly journal dedicated to investigative journalism about environmental issues.

Organization: Earth Island Institute

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