Episode 53. Will the Coronavirus Lead to a Global Change of Heart?

The continuing Covid-19 pandemic is the focus of today’s discussion. What could be  its effects on individuals and the global collective? Rose & Christine’s far-ranging conversation explores the recent Tablet interview with Pope Francis, entitled “Pope Francis says pandemic can be a ‘place of conversion’, as well as David Suzuki’s seminal talk “Force of Nature – From Monsters to Economy and Money”, where the current social paradigm with its emphasis on profits over people is questioned.

Recurring Segments Include:

  • Good news stories
  • One action tip to for you to create change
  • A weekly sanity tip to keep you calm(er) in the face of climate overwhelm




Definition: Liberation Theology: religious movement arising in late 20th-century Roman Catholicism and centred in Latin America. It sought to apply religious faith by aiding the poor and oppressed through involvement in political and civic affairs. It stressed both heightened awareness of the “sinful” socioeconomic structures that caused social inequities and active participation in changing those structures. (Source: Britannica.com)





Quote: We are realizing that all of our thinking, like it or not,  has been shaped around the economy ~ Pope Francis

Quote:  I’m living this as a time of great uncertainty. It’s a time for reinventing, for creativity. ~Pope Francis

Quote: Sometimes, we act as if the economy is larger than life. In the past, people trembled in fear of dragons, demons, gods, and monsters, sacrificing anything— virgins, money, newborn babies—to appease them. We know now that those fears were superstitious imaginings, but we have replaced them with a new behemoth: the economy.~David Suzuki

Action Tip: Commit an Act of Love : Wear a Face Mask when you go out in public

  • Video: The scientific evidence is overwhelming that we can reduce virus transmission if we all wear masks in public. Please protect yourself and others by wearing a mask and demanding that others do the same. Jeremy Howard from the University of San Francisco discusses the scientific evidence behind #Masks4All, and shares a tip to making your own n0-sew mask from an old t-shirt.
  • Photos: DIY Sleeve Protector Face Shield

Sanity Tip:  Be kind and gentle with yourself and others.

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