Episode 98. How Do We Cope with Our Environmental Grief? An Interview with Dr. Kriss Kevorkian

Dr. Kriss Kevorkian, thanatologist and visionary, who coined the terms ecological grief and environmental grief way back in 2001, joins Rose and Christine to offer coping strategies for our grief.

Recurring Segments Include:

  • Good news stories
  • One action tip to for you to create change
  • A weekly sanity tip to keep you calm(er) in the face of climate overwhelm


Person of Note: Dr. Kriss Kevorkian

Kriss’s Website: A Grieving World

Website: Tap with Brad

Good News:

 ~Rights of Nature movement is growing globally,

Action Step:  Get involved in protecting nature’s rights at Legal Rights for The Salish Sea

Sanity Tip: Follow Kriss’s Suggestions to acknowledge what your feeling, honor yourself for how you are feeling,  work positive steps through your personal grief, have patience, trust. Use mindfulness, focus on the present, connect with something living, have gratitude,  journal.