Episode 64. Best in Climate: Threshold by Petra Lentz-Snow

photo by George Desipris on pexels

Episode 64. BEST IN CLIMATE: Threshold by Petra Lentz-Snow

As we find ourselves poised between two worlds, ruminating on what reality will look like once we emerge from this pandemic, Petra Lentz-Snow shares her learning experience in THRESHOLD from her May 3 School of Lost Borders newsletter. 

Can we listen to what this “Space in Between Stories” has to teach us? Can we apply the learning to make necessary changes to avert  climate crisis?  

*Read with  the author’s permission*

Petra Lentz-Snow is the Executive Director of School of Lost Borders.   She has guided vision fasts and wilderness rite of passage programs for over 20 years. Her personal journey with breast cancer has shown her how important the container of the natural world and the rite of passage ceremony are when one is confronted with unforseen life initiations.  In her free time she writes articles for her blog ‘Journeys into Healing’ .

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