Episode 3: What if Climate Change is Happening FOR us and not just to us?

In this episode of Eaarth Feels Podcast, Rose and Christine address the divisiveness that seemingly exists everywhere. What will it take to bring us together? Could Climate Change and the challenge for our very survival be the uniting issue for humankind?

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Issue: What is a Carbon Tax?

Issue: Canadian Climate Bonus 

Issue: What is Cap and Trade and How does it Work?

Issue : Why is there a Civil War in Syria?

Issue:  Sixth Mass Extinction

People of Note:  William Norhaus, Nobel Peace Prize

App: Insight Timer (a free meditation timer)

  • Unfreeze Yourself Action Steps:  Make one less trip in your vehicle. And talk pricing carbon pollution.
  • Sanity Tip:  Shut out the noise and overwhelm. Set a timer, sit quietly for 5 minutes each day.

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Theme Music : Song for the Ocean: graciously provided by Kristin Hoffman, artist