Photo by jasper wilde on Unsplash

Episode 26. How is Climate Chaos Affecting our Animal Friends? by Gundi Rhoades

During Eaarth Feels holiday hiatus, Rose ruminates on the catastrophic effects to wildlife  as evidenced by recent news articles . Included are news reports on Australian bush fires, the Galapagos oil spill,  insomniac Ukrainian bears and  boating accidents with Manatees in Florida.

Mentioned in this Episode:

Quote: The United Nations says that a million species could go extinct in the coming decades. What will that look like coming across our news feed? Imagine that the extinctions are announced one by one as they occur: How many alerts per day will that be? ~Joan Sutherland

Blog: Here at the End of the World, by Joan Sutherland

Person of Note : Gundi Rhoades,  Australian veterinarian living in NSW.

Text and video from Gundi’s friend from the neighbouring farm, posted to Facebook :”Hey Gundi. Just found this poor male like so many others. We’ve given given him water and he’s looking more lively now. Anyway we thought you might like to see the pictures. It’s getting so tough now that we can hand feed wild kolas who have never been near a human before.” Click here to view video on Facebook.