Climate Contagion.Episode 25

Episode 25: Best in Climate: Climate Contagion 2020-2025. So it begins.

For the holiday season, Eaarth Feels offers a shift from its usual format. In this Best in Climate episode, Christine reads from Australian author and sustainability advisor Paul Gilding’s Cockatoo Chronicles blog. In this December 2019 blog post*, Climate Contagion 2020 – 2025. So it begins, Mr Gilding outlines the four factors that he believes are coming together and are indications of a global economy on the verge of a radical and rapid shift.

The original post is found on, and includes extensive footnotes as well as a downloadable pdf of this article.

*Read with permission of the author*


Contagion: the situation in which feelings, ideas, or problems spread from one place to another (from the Cambridge Engish Dictionary)

FOMO: Short for “fear of missing out”.


Climate Contagion