Episode 186. How do we Honor and Process our Ecological Despair? An Interview with Shannon Thompson

Continuing our monthlong coverage on Climate anxiety, Shannon Thompson, the founder of Shakti Rising,  shares insights with Rose  from her 22 year history leading a trauma informed women’s change organization.


Organization:  Shakti Rising

Shakti’s Transformation Course: Salt of the Earth


Good News:  Seed Sovereignty Project in Kenya revives, breed, multiply and share lost traditional seed varieties we have been able to popularise traditional foods that contribute to food security and dietary gains within the community,  leading to improved nutrition and financial well being.

Action Step(s): 1~ Find communities to honor Grief and 2~ Learn to Grow so that you can transform negative experience into Positive Outcome

Sanity Tip:  Give back, commit to acts of Generosity. Go to the Mystery: Remember you are serving something greater with ceremony and ritual. And GARDEN, get back the land.