Episode 182. How do we build our Resiliency? An interview with Michele Smith

Michele Smith shares her journey to founding the Resiliency School and offers a three step process to help us build our resilience muscle. 


Read: Yoga Journal: I Started Resiliency School to Cultivate Peace in the Modern World

Organization:  The Resiliency School

The Three Key Components to Resiliency:

~ Care of our Nervous Systems

~ Inspiration

~ Creativity

Read: The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron

Good news:  Michele is noticing more bees in her own yard!  How is the impact of your plantings affecting your wildlife habitat?

Action Step: Listen and breath with Michele, exhaling at 1.5 times the rate of inhales. Reset that amygdala! (Especially effective before bed).

Sanity Tip: Put on some music and dance!