Episode 164. Is Tackling Climate Change a Moral Imperative?

As we watch climate change take hold, we are already seeing widespread natural disasters, tremendous biodiversity loss and the immigration of climate refugees. It seems that humanity is failing abysmally in our responsibility as stewards of our beautiful Planet Earth.  More than a mere scientific, economic or political debate, the climate crisis may be moral dilemma of our time. 


Meet: Devin Singh

Meet:  Tony Cryer

Meet: Sande Hart

Organization:  S.A.R.A.H.

The Trees, plants, and grass that grow upon her are like her hair.

The stones and rocks are like her bones.

The water and natural resources that flow in her are like her blood. 

Until we know her as a living, breathing being, it’s only then that we can honor her.

Meet: Tori Goebel

Meet: Alan Seale

Meet: Vincent Pastro

Read:  Laudato Si