Episode 158. How Can Carbon Capture and Sequestration Counteract the Climate Crisis?

Carbon Capture and Sequestration is our best hope for solving the climate crisis. Richard Matthews, author of The Green Market Oracle, gives us a fundamental lesson in this existing, viable and cost effective technology.  


Definition: Carbon Scrubbers

Definition: Direct Air Capture

Acronym: NCS-Natural Climate Solutionsusing nature to sequester carbon: can be planting trees. regenerative soils, biochar, green walls among others

Acronym: CDR- Carbon Dioxide Removal

Definition: Geologic carbon sequestration is a method of securing carbon dioxide (CO2) in deep geologic formations to prevent its release to the atmosphere and contribution to global warming as a greenhouse gas. … This process reduces or eliminates the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Definition: Carbon Capture and Utilization- pulling Carbon out of the atmosphere and using as a building block for goods we need and already use.

Carbon Dioxide Removal Company: Climeworks

Carbon Dioxide Removal Company: Carbon Engineering

Carbon Dioxide Removal Company: Global Thermostat

Good News: President Joe Biden has surrounded himself with a team of knowledgeable people, guided by science

Action Step: Beyond all the science, find the courage to care about your neighbor.

Sanity Tip: Sit with your children and be fully present with them, listen to their laughter, see the world through a child’s eyes and know what is truly important.