Episode 152. How Do We Become Environmentalists? An Interview with Jens Peterson

At the age of fifteen, Jens Peterson began his climate change journey, authoring What We Leave: A Caretaker’s Guide to an Ill Planet.  Now nineteen, Jens offers a blueprint for each of us to become environmental advocates.


Instagram: @What_We_ Leave

Good News:  Youth Climate rallies are ahppening worldwide and show no signs of slowing down. At Earth Day climate summit, Biden promises 50% reduction in US greenhouse emissions 

Action Step: Buy and Read What We Leave: A Caretaker’s Guide to an Ill Planet then feel free to reach out to Jens.

Sanity Tip: Realize you alone cannot solve the climate crisis. There are many people working to create solutions. Take care of yourself by doing things that you love. Find balance in your life.