Episode 150. With Turner Wyatt and Leah Graham: How will buying Upcycled Foods help counteract Climate Change?

What if your every trip to the grocery store helped counteract climate change? Hear how Turner Wyatt and Leah Graham of Upcycled Food Association are working to make that vision a reality.


Meet: Turner Wyatt

Meet: Leah Graham

Organization: Upcycled Food Association

Person of Note: Dave Laskarzewski 

Organization: UpRoot Colorado

Organization: Where Food Comes From

Person of Note: Craig Jonas

Organization: CoPeace

Organization: Bootstrap Compost

Person of Interest: Dana Gunders

Organization: ReFed

Good News:  Doing good for the planet, whether planting a tree,  buying upcycled products or finishing what’s in your fridge can put you in the frame of mind to take your next step to counteract climate change. You never know who you may be influencing.

Action Step: Go to Upcycled‘s website, check out their partners who are already making upcycled products and try one. Become part of the movement!

Sanity Tip: Bear witness to the beauty and abundance of our natural world.