Episode 11: What If We Work With Mother Nature Instead of Against her?

In this episode of Eaarth Feels, Christine and Rose continue to explore the food chapters of Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed Reverse Global Warming, edited by Paul Hawken. Today’s discussion focuses on the topics of regenerative agriculture, composting and biochar. Topics include the difference between dirt and soil, composting adventures, how carbon is released, and age old practices of cooperating with our ailing planet. 

Recurring segments include:

  • Good news Stories
  • One action tip to for you to create change
  • A weekly sanity tip to keep you calm in the face of climate overwhelm



  • Degradation: the act or process of damaging or ruining something. 
  • Sustainable :  able to be used without being completely used up or destroyed.
  • Regenerative:  renewal or restoration after injury or as a normal process

Question:  What is your growing zone? Link: Plant Hardiness Zone for North America

Issue:  50-80 % of carbon in soil has been lost. Links:




Regenerating Agriculture Organizations:

Documentary:   The Biggest Little Farm


Regeneration of Loess Valley, China: Barren plateau turns into lush land: Changes in Loess Plateau, NW China

Breathtaking view! China’s Loess Plateau gets “green coat”

Ecosystem Restoration in China


  • Green Gold: Environmental film maker John D. Liu documents large-scale ecosystem restoration projects in China, Africa, South America and the Middle East, highlighting the enormous benefits for people and planet of undertaking these efforts globally.


Video:  Greta’s Thunberg’s “How Dare You?” Speech to UN

Good News:

Unfreeze Yourself Action Step:  Google search Regenerative Agriculture to learn how you can make a difference in your own yard. (And just for fun, try to say it out loud three times fast!)

Sanity Tip:  A present moment reminder:  Be aware of your breathing. Notice how this takes attention away from your thinking and creates space. (Eckhart Tolle)