EPISODE 121. BEST IN CLIMATE:Re-entering the Paris Climate Agreement Is Just Step One to Address the Climate Emergency: Frontline Women Must Lead the Way, by Osprey Orielle Lake and Katherine Quaid

“Global people’s movements and women leaders have been organizing for decades for climate justice, and community-led solutions. We the people continue to act with fierce love for our communities and the planet in mind, and will hold those accountable for the damage they have done, while continuing to offer a different path forward. We call for the protection of Mother Earth, and we envision a healthy, thriving, just world for current and future generations. This moment must be a turning point, there is no other option.”

Osprey Orielle Lake and Katherine Quaid ofWomen’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN) make the case that climate justice cannot be achieved without women’s leadership, particularly the leadership of women of color and Indigenous women. Excerpted from original article published on CommonDreams.org.