Episode 62. BEST in CLIMATE. Being Transformed into Diamonds and The Best Immunity of All, by Mary Shields

Dr Mary Shields writes about healing and spiritual awakening at Her blog post, published on May 3, 2020, about the change demanded because of the coronavirus pandemic is equally true about climate change.

“For a diamond to be created, there is an immense amount of pressure – pressure over a very long period of time. That pressure, together with high temperatures, causes carbon to transform into one of the strongest substances on earth.

A lot of pressing is happening right now: a lot of people are dying. There is a lot of deep suffering. There is a lot of grief throughout the world. There is a lot of letting go. That pressure is not letting up any time soon. Our very structures are dissolving into mush (like the caterpillar in the cocoon). The old way of being is gone.”