Soul-based conversations about climate change

Welcome to Eaarth Feels, the podcast for people feeling overwhelmed by the endlessly gloomy climate news.

Join Rose and Christine for soul-based conversations about climate change where we explore the idea that climate change is happening for us as much as it is happening to us.

If you are ready to shift your focus and secure the future for our kids and grandkids this is the podcast for you.


*Eaarth Feels Podcast is on its summer hiatus. Stay tuned for new Best in Climate episodes every week. Eaarth Feels Friday episodes will start up again after our break.*

Stay safe and be climate aware everyone!

“Climate change is a global problem with local impacts.”

“This summer I and my neighbours, along with the people of Lytton B.C., and countless others across Turtle Island are feeling the consequences of our collective reckless disregard of the climate consequences of burning fossil fuels. This summer the wheel of karma is turning to expose the devastating effects of our culture’s worship of profit over anything else, including life itself.”

In this week’s Best in Climate episode, Christine looks at this summer of reckonings. She discusses the traumatic discoveries of unmarked graves of children at Canadian Indian Residential Schools, her current situation as a potential climate refugee fleeing wildfires, and how she brings together the very different perspectives of a climate activist and a spiritual coach working with energy healing.