Soul-based conversations about climate change

Welcome to Eaarth Feels, the podcast for people feeling overwhelmed by the endlessly gloomy climate news.

Join Rose and Christine for soul-based conversations about climate change where we explore the idea that climate change is happening for us as much as it is happening to us.

If you are ready to shift your focus and secure the future for our kids and grandkids this is the podcast for you.

Recurring Segments Include:

  • Good news stories
  • One action tip to for you to create change
  • A weekly sanity tip to keep you calm(er) in the face of climate overwhelm

Does Apple TV’s Ted Lasso, featuring a relentlessly optimistic American recruited to coach a professional English soccer (or football, if you aren’t North American) team, have any insight to offer those of us who are kept awake at night because of the climate emergency? ***Spoiler Alert*** The show’s second season includes an episode entitled “Do the Right-est Thing” and in today’s podcast Christine and Rose discuss what, if anything, this popular show has to teach us about doing just that in a time of global climate change.